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MGP Manager 2019 - Single player simulation of managing a race team in the Motogp motorcycle world championship. 

Full simulation of MotoGP style spilt qualifying, game features all 19 tracks and 11 teams and 22 riders from the MotoGP world championship. There are over 150 riders and over 120 staff personnel to potentially sign to try to improve your teams performance.

Included for the first time are flag-flag races, if the race weather forecast is for changeable weather, select an alternate tyre selection on the riders second machine and riders can now pit and change bikes if/when track conditions change.

Take your riders through pre-season testing into the new racing season. A change from previous game versions, all test, practice and race sessions are now in 'real time', allowing for you as the manager to become more involved in each riders machine setup focus and tyre strategy. Test sessions typically last 6hrs over a 2/3 day period in real life, this is simulated in the game, as are all practice & qualifying sessions during a race weekend.

Also included for the first time is the option to send your teams pit crew on individual training courses, depending on your teams given training budget and course availability during the season. This now has a direct effect on your riders performance through improved setup for events.

Rider training has also had a major overhaul, no longer can a rider be left on one training schedule, they will now get bored and morale can suffer if left doing the same training for an extended period of time.

Terminate rider contracts early if you feel your current riders are not getting the results you would like, and sign a replacement rider.

Endless event driven gameplay, and dynamic season play, ensure no two games will play out the same way. In fact, re-running races will often produce different results due to the dynamic  method used to calculate rider/machine performance during races.

Retiring riders can change role to become a factory test rider and automatically regenerate to a young rider to start their career again, however there is no guarantee that they will be as successful or follow the same career path as their previous riders history.


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How about making a editor for the game,for those who wanted to make 500cc seasons?

An editor is something I've considered, but I'd rather do an historic type 500cc era game if there's enough interest in playing it?

But i'd rather have a editor...

Pleasant dark UI. Well if you need an audio guy for a jam then check out my portfolio

Game is finished and ready to download and play, hope you all enjoy playing it as much as I have enjoyed developing it

Hey man,

Just wondering on  quick update of development for the game?

I have played the demo and it seems a very impressive and enjoyable game that I genuinely play for like 6 hours.


Hi thanks for your message, I've only got 2 circuits to complete, then finish game testing and it'll be ready, glad you're enjoying the demo, I am planning on releasing a V2 demo that will have some of the new features I have been adding lately. Thanks for you support during development of this game

Ive been waiting for ageeeeeeees when can we expect the full game to come out?

Hi  thanks for your mesaage, I'm working on the game as much as I can and it will be completed as soon as I can. I guarantee the wait will be worth it, I plan on releasing an updated demo soon for fans to play while I work on the full game, thanks again for supporting this project.


Sorry about that, he is of course in the new game...I'm still working on mgp2019, have you tried the demo? I hope to have it finished fairly soon  once all the tracks are done and I've fine tuned the game, thanks for your support glad you enjoy playing the gsme

hey, I've really been enjoying playing the mgp 2018 although I must say you forgot to include M. Oliveira and as portuguese I will never forgive you! haha

When can the 2019 full version be expected for release?

Looking forward to that, good job!